“The Beauty Games” thesis – (my specialisation in the marketing of the movies)

So last year I did one of my minors in “marketing of the movies” given by a hardcore teacher by the name of Johan Heyndrickx. He retired this year. Making myself one of his final students on which he bestowed his teachings.

As thesis we had to create a marketingcampaign about a particular concept, being “Barbie”. Yes, it was called ‘the barbie case”. Though it wasn’t just any case. We had to create an ad campaign, a poster, a teaser trailer, taglines, tie-ins, merchandising, a logo, define target audience, budget, endorsements, buzz and promotions, define a SWOT-analyses and finally create a release plan and movie opening. All in the spirit of what a story would look like if Barbie was made an adult movie with real people in it ready to be shown in theaters across the globe.

In the end it was a real hassle but it was fun as hell!

Though I am working on other hardcore new projects right now it doesn’t mean projects like these are forgotten. So just to make sure they stay this way I’m posting my favorite poster designs made during this school campaign right here: (so tell me what you think) 😉 :

logo_poster_the beauty games BryanDL

the beauty game_BryanDL

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