The 5 best upcoming movies of 2013-2014

2013 is coming to an end! Yet before it does it’s got some great movies in store for us ready to finish 2013’s movie year with a bang! Here is a list of movies you absolutlely have to see when they hit the theaters:

#5 Sin City 2: a dame to kill for

2005’s Sin City was a film about the dark and miserable town, Basin City. It told the story of three different people, all caught up in violent corruption. Written, produced, and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. This movie was a work of art. It combined great action and violence with original scenes and shots. Much in this movie is in Black and White and only some objects like for example a red dress was delivered into color. Though you’ll have to like some dose of blood and gore I have high expectations for this 2th movie. If the upcoming movie has the original elements of the previous movie it could be something really good. But we can’t forget that it could always be a fluke if it makes the same mistake as many other sequels have made many many times before. But for that answer we’ll just have to see it when it arrives. Making this the number #5 of the list of upcoming movies you can’t miss. Originally planned to be released in 2013 the movie has now moved to 2014.

#4 Riddick

This one is allready in theaters so I’ve already seen it but I feel like I should mention it anyway. This movie feels like a tribute to the previous movies in the series. For those that don’t know. Riddick is the 3rd movie in the series, the first being Pitch Black and the second The Chronicles of Riddick. Riddick features intense action with great hints of humor. It also brings new and original ways of story development to a movie. More importantly the movie gives fans the intense attributes and caracteristics  they love about a character as riddick. In the previous and second movie Riddick got control of a huge army. Spoiler alert!: In this movie you’ll be able to see how he loses that army and get’s himself in the same predicament as he was in in the first movie. So go watch it, enjoy it and go with the flow of adventure this anti-hero brings.

#3 The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

This one will be released before 2013’s end and I’m sure many are allready looking foreward to it. But seriously how the hell can you make three movies about a book as small as this?

Didn’t see it there did you? It’s the small one left to the other 3 huge black ones in the center. So why are they doing this? I’ll tell you, it’s called milking it. They are trying to milk the franchise. The previous 3 movies where made from 3 books. So that’s 1 movie for each book. These movies were such a succes they decided to just create 3 movies from the 1 book “the hobbit”. The first movie “the hobbit: an unexpected journy” was 3 hours long. Seriously, no movie should be so long. So that also means the two movies that are still to come are also going to be 3 hours each. Making this book’s movie a total 9hours long!

That being said the previous movie was nice to watch and took me back to the flair of the lotr universe. Probably because of all the references to the previous movies.

They didn’t do much in the first movie, they walked, they climbed, they got picked up by eagles which dropped them off on the most useless place possible. Hopefully in the coming movie they’ll be able to finally reach the damned dragon!

(Did you know this guy “Azog” is played by Manu Bennett from Spartacus? Kinda a waste of a good actor’s talents don’t you think?)

#2 The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire

You take some Twilight love story dust, you add a little Battle Royale and poof you get the Hunger Games! Or that is what I thought at first. But the first movie blew my mind! It was original, strong and full of great actors. The emotions brought fort from the actors and the music was simply a piece of art. I was hooked, so therefor I read the other books “Catching fire” and “Mockingjay”. Spoiler alert: I can’t tell you if the 2th movie is going to be as good as the 2th book. But it get’s better and a lot better than the first one! Katniss and Peta are going to have to go back to the arena and will have to fight for there lives against other previous winners. Especially the design of the arena which I’m not going to tell yet is something to look out for. This movie is made from my favorite book in the series and I have the highest hopes for it. I’m sure that with the same producer, musics – arts team and actors it will be EPIC! If you liked the first movie this one is going to blow your mind!

#1 Ender’s Game

The movie I’ve been looking forward to the most all year! This movie hits theaters in America today so it’ll be a while before it’s shown in Belgian theaters. I’ve taken part in the most hardcore debates about this movie online just because I am a hardcore Orson Scott Card fan. This person has had a lot of critizism and dislike because of political views. But I try to know as little as possible about him because for me it’s about the art not the person and the art is incredible! I’ve read almost everything there is too read from the Ender’s game series. The coming movie is the first movie of a series of books continuing during and after Ender’s life. Each book is a masterpiece in terms of psychologicy and warfare. It’ll make you discover things about your life that you didn’t even know and make you think about deeper meanings.

(the book)

Therefore I have so much high hopes for this movie I’ll be sure to be disappointed. Not only that, but it’s getting clear the movie isn’t going to focus on the most important parts of the books. Being the psychological and emotional aspects of the character. Just as millions of other fans I’m afraid the movie is going to go for box-office rating and will focus on what people like most. Being sci-fi action and explosions. But before that answer will be given we’ll just have to wait and see it. Other than that I recommend you read the books. Because it is my favorite book series and each are pieces of art.



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