The Coca-Cola “share a Coke with friends” machine

Yesterday i went to Kinepolis in Antwerp, Belgium to see Ender’s Game. A review about Ender’s Game will follow in a post shortly but this is about the deviously brilliant marketing contraption Coca-Cola has placed at Kinepolis in Antwerp.

As I was casually walking through one of the lobby’s of this megaplex when I saw this monstrosity of a thing:

DSC_0497(See that? It’s so big that you can’t even see the top of the thing on the picture!)

I was just about to walk past it and waving it off as one hell of a big fake vending machine. Saying to myself “good job Coca-Cola, I’ve only seen your brand 25 times since I walked in this theatre, I definitly understand why you’d like to block my path with a huge vending machine too”. Because yeah! Here’s our Coke brand in your face a 26th time in case you missed the other references!

Though as a marketeer I love this kind of things! So I made the above picture just as these two walked up to it:

DSC_0498They were like “dude! Yeah dude? Check this out dude! Cool dude!”

Then it hit me! This wasn’t a fake vending machine at all. I recalled the recent Coca-Cola campaign about “share a coke with a friend” and suddenly got it. Your suppose to cooperate to get the vending machine to work. The slot being up way high because of the sheer size of the machine.

But hell I wasn’t going to climb up there. So I told those guys what I just figured out and gestured at this sign that was next to it. Clearly being the instruction manual:

DSC_0495(Fine print “If participants break their neks trying, non of it is our fault” )

So then they were like “dude!”, “yeah dude?”, “let’s try it dude!”, “oke dude”.

At that point I stopped taking pictures because they asked me to film their attempt at using it on their phone. I imagine you’ll find it on Youtube one of these days. Because it was hilarious! The instruction manual didn’t really explain everything. Firstly getting one on the other’s nek was a real hassel for these two and secondly they still were a bit shorter and didn’t reach the slot when combined.

After a lot of jumping trying to reach the slot they got in the 2 euro and pressed one of the vending buttons.

Shockingly it was out of bottles and we kinda just stood there…

We were really quite dissapointed after all that. We were expecting at least some action out of that machine.

The guys left and I went to see my movie. Wonder if I could get this thing to be placed at my highschool Karel De Grote.

(Because it’s not brand loyalty if people won’t jump ridiculously in the air for it)

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