10 Pieces of drawn (manga/anime) works of art #1

One of the few things I accept as a true form of art in this world is the skill of drawing. Such as a mangaka, anime artist and even an amateur draftsman does. The emotions, messages and reality of some drawings are so intense that they sometimes become even better than real. When even simply searching on a search engine there are a lot of drawings/pictures of both anime and manga to be found. Made by amateur artist as well as by the real deal. These are some on which I could not help but click “save picture as” on:

#10 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Simon & Kamina


#9 Shingeki No Kyojin: Levi


#8 Hunter X Hunter: Killuahkilluah mad

#7 Toriko: Toriko & ZebraToriko-Wallpaper

#6 Naruto: Sasuke & Deidara


#5 Sword Art Online: Kirito


#4 Magi: Aladdin, Alibabba and Morgiana


#3 Kill La Kill: Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu and Satsuki Kiryuinkill-la-kill-anime1

#2 Hunter X Hunter: Kite


#1 Berserk: Gutsberserk-1590893

“No copyright infringement. I do not own any of these pictures shown nor the rights. I show these with the utmost respect for the artist who made these pictures and only display these on my blog as a tribute to these sublime works of art. If you recognize or own one of these and do not approve just let me know and I will delete them without hesitation”.

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