10 Pieces of drawn (manga/anime) holiday fan art #Christmas Special

There are a lot of anime/manga fans out there! There for every holiday there is a boom in fan art relevant to that holiday.

Right now every fan art is in the spirit of Christmas. So here is a Christmas special for all you manga/anime fans out there!

Here are some holiday fan art pictures on which I could not help but click “save picture as” on:

#10 Bleach: Grimmjow & Ulquiorra


#9 DragonBall Z: Goku & Gohan


#8 Neon Genesis Evangelion


#7 Psycho Pass


#6 Bleach: Ichigo & Rukia


#5 Bleach, Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto mashup


#4 Hunter x Hunter: Killua


#3 Hunter x Hunter: Kurapika


#2 Hunter X Hunter: Hisoka


#1 Bleach


“No copyright infringement. I do not own any of these pictures shown nor the rights. I show these with the utmost respect for the artist who made these pictures and only display these on my blog as a tribute to these sublime works of art. If you recognize or own one of these and do not approve just let me know and I will delete them without hesitation”.

Let me know what you thought was your favorite here in comment


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