The 12# best Youtube channels (which I follow)!

There is a lot of money to be made on Youtube. You get your own channel, you make some videos and once you get enough viewers Youtube enables your videos to show commercials before they start. The results is you getting paid for your viewers. There have been channels that have made up to 6,7 million dollars and more just by doing this. That’s enough for even me to start thinking about making my own video! But I’m not even sure what to do with this blog yet so I’m going to wait before I make my next move.

Youtube is like a vast ocean. There are millions upon millions of videos on there and not really a sure way of sorting through them. If you know what your looking for you’ll be able to find it. But when you don’t know and would still like to find cool, fun or intriguing stuff your out of luck. Well I’d like to share what channels I watch weekly. Some of these are popular, semi popular and not popular at all. Still I think they are worth checking out. Why? Because I think they rule:

12# community channel:

Channel site link:

Nathalie Tran’s community channel is the first channel on Youtube I ever followed.  She didn’t start out with that much followers when I first discovered her but now she has about 1.458.501 followers!

This woman is hilarious! She takes life’s experiences we all go through and makes them funny. She always starts the video by giving us one of these experiences. Edited by herself she puts herself in the video 2 times and plays out all kinds of situations by talking to herself as herself versus herself playing a different character . After that all she ever does is talk on her videos to the viewers but she makes them funny by using her body language and funny comments. At the end of the video we get comments of her on the funniest comments made on the previous video. But enough of me ranting away here, just check them out, maybe you’ll like them too.

These are some my favorites:

11#Cinema Sins:

Channel site link:

Ever watched a movie and went all like: “Now this can’t be!”, “This isn’t realistic!”,” This is shit!”,”Why are they only pulling out the magical sword now when they needed that shit hours ago?”,… ?

Well that’s what Cinemasins does. It takes a movie and tells you everything that’s wrong with it. It gives the movie a sin counter and sums up all the sins of the movie. It wouldn’t be the first time I cried laughing with this one:

10#Screen Junkies

Channel site link:

“Screen Junkies” does the same thing as Cinema Sins. But  he (the vlogger which name I do not know) makes it into a trailer. An honest trailer in wich the movies flaws are shown. The videos have a narrator with a peticular cool voice easily enabling him to play the next “Dark Knight”. Because of this the videos get even better and requests can be given in letting him say sentences. Check these out:


Channel site link:

I discovered this channel by means of a news article about this video:

This channel is great! They do all sorts of so called discreet “social experiments” to see how people would react. Some people get mad but most totally want to go with it. The results were hilarious. So they turned the roles and did a social experiment with a guy asking girls for sex to see how that would work out:

There are a lot more other kinds of social experiments on the channel too so check them out.


Channel site link:

Adrian Van Oyen does the same thing as the Whatever channel but takes it a bit further. The jokes and experiments get people mad sometimes so every now and then he needs to run away. Even though people should get the joke and just laugh with it it’s no wonder these things happen because the experiments are very out in the open and attract a lot of attention! Just like they should be! This guy is hilarious!

7#How It Should Have Ended

Channel site link:

This site brings another form of art! Just like CinemaSins and Screen Junkies they point out what is wrong with a movie but they take it a step further. They show us how the movie “should have ended”. They do this by means of animated screenplay. They make their own script and draw their own cartoons for these videos. The results of all the hard work that is put in it shows in their followers being 3.046.209!

Here is an example of a video being made:


Channel site link:

CarbotAnimations does the same thing as How It Should Have Ended! They make software drawn animated videos not about movies but about Starcraft. Which offcourse is only hilarious if you play starcraft! But still worth checking out even when you don’t:

Here is an example of a video being made:


Channel site link:

This one is new but it holds a lot of potential! CasualGamingTV does what a lot of other channels do too. They give you a walkthrough of a game. But instead of giving it to you all boring and shit they keep talking through the entire game. When they are scare they yell like a little girl and when they are annoyed by something they just tell you and insult the game character. Check it out here:

4#Epic Rap Battles Of History

Channel site link:

How about taking 2 favorite artists or 2 favorite historical character and letting them fight it out in a rap battle? Well that’s what “Epic Rap Battles Of History” does. They dress up actors and impersonate those famous people or character while rapping it out. Check them out, writing rap lyrics isn’t easy and these thing are of lot work to make:

You can even request them on what video you want them to make next.

3#Bart Baker

This guy is batshit insane in a good way! He’s incredibly original, creative and hilarious. He cracks me up every time. He takes famous music videos and makes them into a parody. The channel has 2.209.475 followers. His channel and video’s are made by professionals because they happen in a studio with a green screen, costume artists, film crew, etc… . Just check these out:

Also check out this one because the song is stuck in my head! “You are now now rocking with a douchebag and a crazy bitch”:

2#Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

Channel site link:

How or why this channel has such a low amount of followers compared to the other channels I’ve presented is a mystery in itself. And mysteries is what “Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know” does. They give you a conspiracy theorie or mysterie and study it’s facts and rumors. They do this with an incredibly mysterious sounding narrator and videos made up of pictures. At the end of each video we get the question if it’s something they don’t want you to know and we have to decide for ourselves. I’ve learned a lot from this channel so check it out for sure!


Channel site link:

I’ve only recently discovered this channel. But it’s awesome! I’m not sure if it’s made up out of videos from a real tv program or made up by individual artists that make their own movies. Each video is an independant movie and story with original characters. The only common thing they all have is that they are all horror stories. These videos are a feast for they eyes but be ware because after a few of those you will get scared!

They also have some incredible pranks:

Tell me what channel you liked best! Just check the box on this poll and click vote:

“No copyright infringement. I do not own any of these channels or videos shown nor the rights. I show these with the utmost respect for the artist who made these videos and only display these on my blog as a tribute to these sublime works of art. If you recognize or own one of these and do not approve just let me know and I will delete them without hesitation”.

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