How to improve a business with little marketing supplements

Transportation service”De Lijn” and it’s umbrellas:

So you know when you’re out and about and it starts raining? You go well hot damn, why didn’t I think of bringing an umbrella! Belgium’s transprotation service/enterprise apparently saw that customer problem and invented this little umbrella machine: DSC_0082I encountered it and had to take a picture of it. My message as a marketeer is clear here:

Try and think of the buying process in your customers and users stead. What do they find troubling? What would they find to come in handy when they are using your products or services? Think about it and try to think what your customers would like or even ask them.  Do a survey or make a poll on your site. Maybe there are annoyances or problems your customers experience every day you don’t know about (like standing in the rain waiting for a bus to come)?

Think about it and keep improving that business because a business that stops improving is just waiting for the next improving competitor to take it down and take it’s place.

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