Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a first look in avant-première!

A few weeks ago I participated in a contest to win VIP duo tickets for the Marvel Belgium fan night and to see the Avant-premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


Last week I got a call from this person from “Brainfreeze” telling me I won. I was full of joy! He told me to show up at 19:00 for a reception followed up by a quiz. Afterwards the movie would start at 20:00. I just had to give my and my +1’s name at the Marvel stand and would get my tickets. Thank you very much Brainfreeze!

So I won! (Which I didn’t expect at the least but maybe they liked this blog, who knows?) So I went to the event which was yesterday 23/03/2014 in Brussels Belgium.

Note that this was my first time going to Kinepolis in Brussels. Because well, I usually got to the Kinepolis/Metropolis in Antwerp. So I came by car and was glad the tickets were at least free because all the signs near the cinema said 5 euro for parking (so far for the free part of it all I thought). Luckily it was a Sunday and parking is free on Sunday (I discovered this when reading the small print on the parking ticket machine).

When I got into the cinema’s main lobby at 18:55 my deduction said: I was duped. There was this huge line full of people all waiting to get what seemed to be the Marvel stand. So it must have meant that everybody who participated in the competition won tickets and now the entire cinema and all the rooms where specifically to show this one movie. Verifying my conclusion I went to the main information desk instead of waiting at the back of the huge line (what must have taken hours if I did). I asked and apparently the Marvel stand was inside of the huge line but the huge line wasn’t for the Marvel stand. It was just made up out of people wanting to get in the cinema room halls to watch their movie but weren’t allowed yet because it wasn’t 19:00 yet. The Marvel stand just was unlucky enough to be placed in the center of the huge line.

New deduction: so far for logistics in this cinema complex!

Though did you know this awesome fact: Wikipedia quote:

“The first megaplex cinema in the world is often considered to be Kinepolis Brussels located near the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium, which opened in 1988 with 25 screens.”

Also they didn’t know it was going to be succesful as a cinema in 1988 so they build the infrastructure of the whole cinema like a parking complex just to be safe:


So I made my way through the huge mass of people and got my way up to the Marvel stand. I got my tickets and also got this little machine:

quiz(no it’s no a calculator)

The marketing aspect & added value

Remember the time when Avant premièr’s and premièrs used to mean something? Well probably not, but they did a great job on this event trying to get that feeling back from the old days.

The reception was all flashy with lasers and special lights. There were camera crews everywhere and you could get your picture taken with people in cosplay and on a harley-davidson motorcycle.

Also there were all these kinds of statues from the avengers just like this one:

BjcYl67IMAAYS8c.jpg large(This would look so awesome in my bedroom)

The quiz

Before the movie started we got a little quiz with awesome prizes.  Remember the little machine I got with my tickets? Well we used that to answer the 12 given questions by pressing 1,2,3 or 4. The questions and answers were shown on the big screen and red by the quizmaster. I didn’t win anything but the prizes were:

– a Captain America statue (sigh, really wanted to win this one).
– tickets for a trip to harley or a trip with a harley. The quizmaster wasn’t clear on this one. (Neither was he very clear on the quiz rules or when to press the answer buttons).- DVD’s of the new movie. (thought I had some good answers and at least won one of those)

Seriously they should do a goodwill merchandising quiz before every movie cause this was really fun.

The movie

The movie itself was another surprise in more ways than one. First of all the movie was in 3D. Normally it’s about 12 euro’s to go and see a 3D movie so it being free made it even better. Not even that but the movie wasn’t just a 3D overlay. There was still a bit more darkness in the colors like all 3D movies have but the movie was filmed to be 3D. So everything had a splendid contrast and the objects really seemed to come out of the screen. Not like other movies in which they film it normally and than put a 3D film layer over it making it terrible. P.S. did you known 3D film isn’t new at all? The “golden era”  for 3D cinema was in (1952–1954). They stopped because it became too expensive for the cinema’s.

Secondly I’m not going to spoil anything about the movie! What I am going to say is that is was awesome. The first Captain America movie wasn’t all that great. This one on the other hand blew my mind. The graphics were awesome, the story was to die for. There was constant action and suspense. The movie is clearly a blockbuster and will be loved by Marvel fans worldwide for sure. Another important fact is that they really went back to the old Captain America of the comics. The feeling of justice and morals of the captain America persona really came forward. In the end it was a movie that keeps you nailed to your seat the whole time with and a storyline a lot better than any Marvel movie so far.

BDL Rating: 8/10


During the movie employees were constantly watching the audience with night vision goggles. Holy shit right?!

Actually not so much. It’s a great way to counter piracy. We winners were able to see the movie first in the entire world, even before the release in America and even before the première itself. We were literally first! If there was anybody in the audience trying to film the whole movie with a shaky cam and afterwards post it online by use of torrents the following projected figures would feel a dramatic decrease: Opening Weekend: $87,000,000 [proj.] | Total Domestic Gross: $225,000,000 [pred.] -source: After all the reported cost of the movie =  $170 million. -source: and as you can see the projected gross isn’t really that high compared to the money they put into the movie so they can’t really risk it being leaked all over the internet decreasing box office. (Even though it’s all about the merchandise and the popcorn being sold in the end, because that’s how cinema’s make the most profit).

In my opinion and on another note they should always make the release dates of movies worldwide and simultaneous. Right now that isn’t the case. They usually release movies regionally. So American movies get played in America first, Chinese in China, etc. After that when the movie is popular enough it get’s released and the rights are rented in other continents but by then there’s a 6 month delay. Making it so that most people already saw the movie on the internet because of movie pirates posting it online. If piracy is to be prevented so directors and movies won’t go bankrupt movies will have to be released worldwide more even though they aren’t certain blockbusters.

 The quiz results

And roll credits… people started leaving as usual after the movie ended. (WARNING! My spoiler gift to you for reading this much) But it was worth the wait seeing the credits because after the movie ended we got a teaser trailer showing there will be another captain America movie after this one featuring 2 evil twins. Can’t wait for that one! If you want you can send me tickets for that avant-première too and I’ll gladly do another piece on it just like this one too (just in case Marvel reads this).

After the trailer the quizmaster rushed in because of even more people started leaving. The prizes where handed out to the people who won and we were all able to go home after a splendid evening. Or after a bit more photo shoots in the lobby with some cosplayers and statues:


Final verdict: Go and watch this movie people! It rocks!
P.S. cinema is seriously expensive these days so I wouldn’t tell you to go watch it if it wasn’t worth it!

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