Blog stats “reaching out to the world 05/2014”

I get this funny feeling in my gut whenever I look at my blog stats. We’re all so used to the internet these days but just over some 20 years back it would have been impossible to communicate with people all over the world like we’re doing right now. Everything had to be done with mails, fax, telephone and even before that by letters…. We’re still doing that but well you get the point. These days you simply create a site like I did and people from all over the world can be reached!

This is the world map (European version) of the countries I’ve reached so far with my site. Meaning that in each light up country there was at least one person reading my site! How incredible is that?

worldNow my goal is of course to reach every country in the world so keep on reading my site and spreading the word! I’d really like to see that world map colored up completely some day.

As a bonus here is a full list of all the country’s and how many in it saw this site so far: In total 1342 views:

Country Views
Belgium 714
United States 178
United Kingdom 61
France 40
Netherlands 39
Germany 33
Canada 22
Italy 18
Brazil 17
Saudi Arabia 12
Philippines 11
India 10
Australia 10
Indonesia 10
Mexico 8
Malaysia 8
Japan 8
Trinidad and Tobago 8
Poland 8
Finland 6
Costa Rica 6
Greece 6
Portugal 5
Hungary 5
Viet Nam 5
Norway 5
Singapore 4
Republic of Korea 4
Bulgaria 4
Czech Republic 4
Palestine, State of 4
Dominican Republic 4
Thailand 3
Puerto Rico 3
Switzerland 3
Sweden 3
Russian Federation 3
Morocco 3
Chile 3
Slovakia 2
Lithuania 2
Pakistan 2
Iraq 2
Colombia 2
Spain 2
New Zealand 2
Turkey 2
Estonia 1
Uruguay 1
Romania 1
Albania 1
Ukraine 1
Egypt 1
Peru 1
Serbia 1
Israel 1
Luxembourg 1
Argentina 1
South Africa 1
Austria 1
Taiwan 1
Qatar 1

Thanks again and keep it up everybody in the world! Let’s color this color book!

One thought on “Blog stats “reaching out to the world 05/2014”

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