What’s wrong with music these days PART 1

There’s something wrong with music these days. It’s annoying me and maybe it’s annoying you too. You can’t put your finger on it but you see it, you hear it and you feel it. You know it’s there but there’s so many of it wrong and it’s all so well hidden you just can’t see it anymore. In ‘What’s wrong with music these days part 1’ I’m going to talk about what I call “BLINKING”.

First watch this:

Or this:

You saw that? It’s what I call “blinking”… it’s when people that can’t dance try to act like they’re all smooth and cool while in reality they can’t even do a basic two step. Now there’s nothing wrong with not being able to do a two step. What is wrong is not being able to do something and act like you can do it. That’s why they invented “blinking”. It so musicians could act like they can move and just before they seem like total assholes as stiff as a tree they blink the screen. People go like woooh did you see that? Or like, wooooh they are so cool. They blink it right over to another scene just to mask their stupid movements. Why? It’s because everybody just has to be able to dance this day. If your a singer and you can’t dance the world thinks you’re not a good musician or your video just isn’t good enough. Especially when your target audience is full of people that like to dance. Who to blame? Well I guess both those trying to make it in the hard music world and the dealerships. Because they both couldn’t just keep from becoming fake.

Now watch this one while remembring that:

She definitely came in like a blinking ball there…


You even see him blink anywhere during the dancing scene’s? Nope, not even once. Because he can dance and he shows it. But what do you do if you can’t dance? Well you act like her:

See? At least she’s not trying to dance all over the place or blinking all over the screen enough to give a person seizures…

There you go, that’s the first thing wrong with music these days. Stay tuned for more parts. If you want to know anything more about “blinking” or want to say anything about it don’t hesitate to write something in the comment section below.

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