What movies to watch on Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve)? #Halloween Special

If you enjoy halloween like I do then you know it’s good for only one thing: Getting scared with a good horror movie and thinking about it even for weeks after you saw it everytime you go to bed and try to sleep! 😀

So what movies do i recommend to watch this 31/10/2014? Here’s a list:

# Evil Dead (new version)  


# Evil dead (old version) (though not less scary)

# The Thing (new version)

# The thing (old version) (though not less scary)

(The Decent part 1 and 2) (one of my personal favorite) (also try watching this one while imagining it as part of the Buffy universe :D)

# Blair witch project (for those that don’t want to be able to sleep at all)

# Cabin in the Woods (Scary and just awesome) (also probably in the buffy universe haha)

# The cell (a classic and always awesome)

# Pandorum (one of my favorites, have watched this one more than a few time now)

# Scream 1-2-3-4 (my favorite thriller-horror movies ever!!!!!!! like ever!!!!!)

Also for those that don’t know. I’m talking about Scream! Not “scary movie”! Those are two different things and the latter is based on the former (I’ve met people that think Scary movie is the original and don’t know of Scream for some reason)! 😉

If your not even a bit scared after watching all these then there is something wrong with you. (Also if there is something wrong with you  or even if there’s not and you did get scared do contact me by writing in the comment section. ( I do have an even scarier list haha but for now this will have to do. :D))

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