10 Pieces of drawn (manga/anime) works of art #5

Due to the enormous popularity of the previous drawn works of art post I’ve decided to make a volume 5.

You can find volume 4 here:


Here are some more pictures on which I could not help but click “save picture as” on. Don’t forget to tell me which one you liked best in the comment section below.

#10 Haikyuu!

10258615_552008941568266_8405691246575008232_o#9 Sword Art Online (Gun Gale Online)

10888435_963620520333914_6107630704151668352_n#8 Fate Unlimited Blade works

1920950_952429748119658_2422686884335165680_o#7 Parasite The Maxim


#6 Akame Ga Kill10384928_816740905050807_3393645999566749567_n#5 Magi10544304_438264656313121_706721154101640008_n

#4 All You Need Is Kill

fsucqevi9x50rpqxh5hb#3 Hunter x Hunter


#2 Gundam Wing

GundamWing[21]#1 Bleach

Bleach533FI“No copyright infringement. I do not own any of these pictures shown nor the rights. I show these with the utmost respect for the artist who made these pictures and only display these on my blog as a tribute to these sublime works of art. If you recognize or own one of these and do not approve just let me know and I will delete them without hesitation”.

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