I am Bryan De Laet, a 23 year old marketing bachelor student at the Karel De Grote College in Belgium.


This site was created by me during my specialization in e-communication. Which I chose as a further specialization after my specialization into online marketing communication.

The specialization into e-communication I took during my marketing bachelor is a foremost course in Belgium. The course is unrivalled by others and the teaching subject is rare in Belgium. As such Karel the Grote is the first of which to go as deep into the broader aspect of online marketing, SEO, SEA, etc.

Renowned teachers Mr. Vertessen and Mr. De Vroey took us taking the course into the thrilling world of digital communications. By showing us how online communication is indispensible, what online tools to chose and how to combine offline with online. We also learned everything there is to know about social media and how to implement it, how to handle negative feedback and the success of a successful e-mail campaign. In short everything there is to know starting from Google Adwords and Analytics to the far ends of the digital world.

Other important experiences during the course:

  • We got lessons from guest speakers like the CEO from digital agency Wijs and even got the chance to work on a project+pitch in the firm itself for one day. http://wijs.be/nl
  • I followed a course at e-mail garage during the marketing experience days and earned my certificate of e-mail campaing manager. http://www.emailgarage.com/en/
  • Me and my team (teams where formed during the course) did a Adwords campaign during a set periode for the company Bel-Confect. http://www.bel-confect.be/
  • Me and my team updated, supervised and managed the school of marketing site and twitter account. http://www.theschoolofmarketing.be/

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